Anand Punja

Head of Sustainability, Timber Trade Federation,UK

zoomAnand PunjaAnand PunjaAnand is in charge of all sustainability issues at the Timber Trade Federation (TTF), working with members and key stakeholders to provide an overarching strategic framework for TTF’s work in this area. 

To date, his work at TTF has focused on responsible timber procurement and supply chain management. Given the improvements the UK timber industry has made in sourcing timber responsibly, his work is increasingly focused on the role that timber can play in delivering a low-carbon built environment. By promoting resource efficiency in the timber supply chain – globally and in the UK – TTF is creating a growing market for timber in construction. Having played a significant role in creating a strong demand for certified timber among the largest players in the construction industry, Anand’s next goal at TTF is to increase the demand for certified timber from small- and medium-sized contractors.

Anand’s first exposure to FSC was in 1997 when, fresh out of university, he joined Global Witness as a volunteer and supported an FSC team in their work on the links between deforestation in Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese garden furniture trade. 

Tropical forests in trouble: How can certification be a tool to maintain key tropical forest ecosystems?
Tuesday 9 September, 11:00 - 12:30

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