Discover Madrid

If you have a few days to spare in Madrid, check the following resources for details:

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Website packed with everything you need to know about the city’s cultural and leisure activities. This essential guide offers detailed information on services, monuments, museums and other must-visit places, plus a comprehensive database of resources for tourists (hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.) and a calendar of events taking place in Madrid, including exhibitions, theatre, sport, trade fairs and much more.

The Essential Guide to Madrid
An essential guide for making the most of Madrid: routes, a programme of guided tours, shopping, nightlife in Madrid, gastronomy, practical information and much more.

Calendar of events
Madrid boasts one of the most packed calendars of concerts, festivals, shows, sports events and exhibitions in the world. Take a peek at a selection of the most important events programmed to take place in 2014 and start planning your next visit.