Dr. Michael E. Conroy

zoomDr. Michael E. ConroyDr. Michael E. ConroyDr. Michael E. Conroy is an academic economist who taught at the University of Texas at Austin for nearly 25 years and at Yale for three additional years. He has also spent a dozen years in philanthropy helping to build many of the certification systems discussed and analyzed here. A popular and charismatic lecturer on these themes, he is available to speak on campus, at conferences, and to interested public interest and corporate events.

He has also spent a dozen years outside academia in the philanthropic world, first at the Ford Foundation (nine years) and then with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund (three years), building new modes of corporate accountability through support for the development of certification systems in sustainable forestry, Fair Trade for agricultural commodities, responsible mining, sustainable tourism and ecotourism, and a wide range of other explorations still coming together.

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