Elizabeth de Carvalhaes

CEO and President of the Brazilian Tree Industry (Ibá)

Elizabeth de Carvalhaes Elizabeth de Carvalhaes

Elizabeth de Carvalhaes has just been appointed as CEO of Ibá, which comprises 70 companies working together to strengthen the production chain for planted trees in Brazil, and to promote products from the sustainable management of trees planted for industrial purposes. 

Elizabeth has extensive experience in international arenas, where she now participates with the aim of consolidating the planted trees industry. Her goal is to turn Brazil into a global benchmark, highlighting the country's social and environmental attributes, technology and innovation in the industry, and the commitment of companies to the communities they relate to. 

Elizabeth de Carvalhaes began her career at Volkswagen do Brasil and was vice-president of the Brazilian Automotive Industry Association (Anfavea).

Good money: Increasing the social and environmental returns from forest investments
Wednesday 10 September, 11:00 - 12:30

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