1. How can FSC Members register to the FSC General Assembly?

FSC Members may register for the FSC General Assembly 2014 online. Registration will open in the first quarter of 2014.

2. Can non-members register in the FSC General Assembly 2014?

Different stakeholders can register as Observers in the FSC General Assembly 2014. This means they can attend to the GA open sessions and activities. This means they can attend to the GA open sessions and activities. As non-members, Stakeholders do not have the right to vote in the General Assembly. FSC is a membership association. The membership is the highest authority of FSC and the ultimate decision-taker.

3. Is there a visa required to enter Spain?

Depending on your country of citizenship, you may be required to obtain a visa to enter Spain. Visa requirements vary and are subject to change, so please refer to your nearest Spanish consulate or embassy for information. Read more about this here …

4. How can I contact FSC GA staff?

If you require further assistance, please contact the GA Secretariat at ga2014@fsc.org

5. Does FSC offer subsidies for FSC Members?

Taking into account that the cost to attend the FSC General Assembly 2014 is prohibitive for some members, and FSC is committed to support as many members as possible to attend this important event , FSC has set aside a small fund to help with subsidies to as many members as budgets permit. The deadline for requesting subsidies will be announced in the first quarter of 2014. Click here to apply for a GA subsidy

6. How can I become a sponsor in the FSC GA 2014?

FSC recognizes the value of corporate sponsors and has a variety of sponsorship packages available for the General Assembly 2014. For sponsorship opportunities, you can contact Amrita Narayanan (Development Manager) at: a.narayanan@fsc.org . Click here for more information …

7. What does the registration fee cover?

•    Conference Rooms
•    Interpretation in Spanish and English (official FSC languages) during the Forest Conference and the General Assembly Formal Business Sessions (Plenary Sessions)
•    All materials,
•    Lunch and Coffee Breaks for the duration of the FSC GA
•    Welcome and Closing Dinner