GA History 

20 years of participation, democracy and equity

General Assembly 2011

FSC General Assembly 20111 FSC General Assembly 20111

The 6th General Assembly of FSC took place in July 2011 in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Approximately 500 participants representing 80 countries from diverse interest groups including FSC members, FSC network partners, Certification Bodies, NGOs, Trade Unions, Certificate Holders and Industry participated.

In total, 38 motions were voted upon, of which 27 passed successfully. Members voted on motions to improve FSC statutes and observers participated in side-meetings and workshops to learn about FSC’s decision-making mechanisms, policies and consultation processes and to provide input aimed at enriching and stimulating debate on critical issues.

General Assembly 2008

FSC General Assembly 2008© FSC AC FSC General Assembly 2008

The FSC General Assembly 2008, which took place in Cape Town, South Africa, in November, was attended by almost 300 people from 65 countries, and across diverse interest groups. 

Key highlights of the GA were the discussions around governance, the role of National Initiatives, FSC credibility, Controlled Wood, and forests and climate change. 

General Assembly 2005

FSC General Assembly 2005© FSC AC FSC General Assembly 2005

The FSC General Assembly 2005 gathered more than 300 FSC members in Manaus, Brazil. FSC members of the Global South were represented in unprecedented force and submitted the majority of motions. 

General Assembly 2002 - 3rd General Assembly, Oaxaca, Mexico

FSC General Assembly 2002© FSC AC FSC General Assembly 2002

General Assembly 1999 - 2nd FSC General Assembly, Oaxaca, Mexico.

FSC General Assembly 1999© FSC AC FSC General Assembly 1999

General Assembly 1996: 1st FSC General Assembly, Oaxaca, Mexico.

FSC General Assembly 1996© FSC AC FSC General Assembly 1996