The Three Pillars

The power of balanced representation

Three Pillars© FSC A.C. Three Pillars

The FSC General Assembly is made up of the three membership chambers: Environmental, Social and Economic, which are further split into sub-chambers of global North and South.

The event gathers delegates from national offices, certification bodies, certificate holders, trade unions, NGOs, members, observers and others to address the crucial link between the welfare of people and forests.

The purpose of the chamber structure is to maintain the balance of voting power between different interests without having to limit the number of members. The FSC Board of Directors is accountable to the FSC members. It is made up of nine individuals who are elected from each of the chambers for a three-year term.

The FSC members have the right to attend and vote at the FSC General Assembly as well as to formulate and submit motions. It is in this dynamic environment where valuable concerns and constructive criticism are brought into a forum; different stakeholders work together in an equitable way to make important strategic decisions that define the future of the organization.

The FSC General Assembly proves that participation, balanced representation and equal power to vote are a powerful strategy to bring people together, find solutions and promote responsible stewardship of the forests.

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