Lisa Smyth

Communications Manager

zoomLisa SmythLisa SmythUntil now Lisa worked for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in Papua New Guinea (PNG). In the Media Development Initiative at the National Broadcasting Corporation, a joint ABC and AusAID-funded program in PNG, Lisa worked with local journalists to produce engaging content, create new communication platforms and managed training and journalism exchange programs. This usually involved hand-cranking power generators in order to go to air, and dodging frequent requests from colleagues to chew betel nut.

Prior to that Lisa worked as the Communications Officer for the United Nations in PNG and as a magazine Editor in Sydney, Australia.

Lisa enjoys travelling (too much); loves to cook (mostly Asian food but has recently discovered the joys of shrimp and grits); will fall down in front of you (don’t be alarmed – it happens regularly); and is (clearly) obsessed with using parentheses.

Lisa speaks only English (and soon, hopefully, very bad German).

She is excited to work with FSC in the Communications Unit and looks forward to working with the team to extend the visibility and reach of FSC.

Lisa’s email address is

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