Session Past:
Too much demand, too little supply: Managing security of supply in a competitive world

Monday 8 September, 16:00 - 18:00 CET

Supply Demand (© FSC GD) © FSC GDSupply DemandAs more and more of the world’s rural people move to cities and demand for consumer goods grows at unprecedented levels, the need for forest products increases dramatically. 

It is widely accepted that the demand for wood and wood fibre throughout the world is accelerating as emerging economies grow and middle classes expand all over the world. 

The need to combat climate change stimulates the use of biomass for energy, and new uses of wood fibre appear – ranging from textiles and plastics to construction materials. 

In the next 20 years, the supply from managed forest and plantations – whether certified or not – will fall far short of demand, putting forest resources under ever-increasing pressure. 

Even the best certification systems will struggle to keep producing credible, meaningful and trusted assurances to competing purchasers of a scarce resource. 

FSC, however, is more than just a certification system; it is also a family of diverse organizations that care about the future of the world’s forests. This round table will promote discussion of the challenges facing the world’s forests, and how commercial, social, environmental and government entities might respond, both through certification and through leadership in general.

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