Motion Outcomes 

PassedMotion 07: Changes to the P&C


  • “These are the things we found that needed to be fixed during our work.” - Economic North member
  • “This motion contains clarifications – points that we found confusing during our work.” - Economic North member
  • “This work was chamber balanced, if this is not FSC, I don't know what is." - Economic North member
  • “This motion moves in the right direction, I refer to conversion, there is still a lot of discussion on that but this makes room for a proper debate. I’m happy that this room has been provided in this motion.” - Social North member
  • “To enable our forests to grow we need to have this motion, I support it.” - Social North member


  • “I oppose this motion out of principle, P&Cs are at the core of what we do, tens of thousands of hours have gone into the P&Cs. The complications of this motion would be huge, and I don’t think we can see it clear yet. I encourage people not to vote for this.” - Economic North member
  • “I respect the problems they try to identify, but we are trying to change P&Cs at a General Assembly with so much going on. I understand, I'm sure its well intended – but I'm worried about the unintended consequences that happen when we do something like this so quickly.” - Economic North member
  • “I have doubts, mostly because of the lack of time to discuss this. I’m wondering if we had enough time. My concern is about the amendments, they were done last minute, we did not have time to really get into them.” - Social North member
  • “We should be careful to make changes to P&C that can have an impact on the ecosystem, and who is to establish what is a limited amount? I do not support this motion. We should look into this very carefully.” - Social South member