Motion Outcomes 

Not PassedMotion 30: Impacts assessments of local social development, environmental conservation and economic viability in FSC certified FMUs


  • "With this motion we make sure that we can take our success to the public at last." - Social South
  • "The good stories about impact need to come out." - Environmental North 


  • "I'm against this motion. After three years in the Controlled Wood working group, we haven't been able to get any data out. Data is already collected, but is not able to be accessed. I actually support the intent, but this should be sorted out first.” - Environmental North
  • "We definitely need to find out what we have achieved, but I think this belongs in the strategy work." - Economic North
  • "Experience from the past is that they draw on the resources from FSC staff and the energy gets sucked out of it - we should focus on basics.”