Motion Outcomes 

Not PassedMotion 72: Strengthening social aspects in FSC


  • “Despite FSCs social strategy, and despite certain progress, we feel there is a social imbalance. This was evident when evaluating the strategy in a side meeting at this GA.” - Social South member
  • “The spirit is to strengthen social chamber.” - Social South member
  • “The motion was amended to fit into existing processes but incorporates other new specific processes.” - Social South member
  • “The social chamber is the least resourceful.” - Environmental North member
  • “It’s a good step and we need to collectively put resources into the social chamber." - Environmental North member
  • “Though we support the spirit, it is not a good solution to increase the staff in Bonn.”


  • “I’m not sure how I’m going to vote. This is a point where it is very difficult to understand how the Board of Directors and the international office should cope with a motion like this. I don’t know if founding a unit is the best way to achieve what is proposed." - Environmental North member
  • “Having another committee is maybe not the right way to go about this. We have quite a good mechanism. It's not really clear to me why we would need this.” - Environmental North member