Motion Outcomes 

Not PassedMotion 77: Motion to ensure high standards of animal management within FSC Policy


  • “This will offer best practice options to take anti-cruelty into countries where it does not apply.” - Environmental North member
  • "If people go into a shop and see an FSC product, people think it is a animal friendly product." - - Environmental North member
  • “This motion is positive but it does includes control of exotic animals, so how to think about hunting within this motion?” - Environmental North member
  • “No safeguards for indigenous peoples' hunting rights in this, how does this deal with that?” - Environmental North member


  • “This week has focused very little on simplifying FSC and forest management and more on adding things for auditors, even though protecting animals is important.” - Economic North member
  • "The only benefit for many is recreational hunting, this does not cover that, so I will have to vote against it!” - Economic North