Motion Outcomes 

PassedMotion 65: High Conservation Value 2 (HCV2) – Intact forest landscapes (IFL) protection


  • "This motion is extremely important for indigenous people. It will help us to safeguard the struggle of indigenous people to preserve their territories." - Social South member
  • “It is important for the indigenous peoples and those people who depend on forests, as well as the fight of the peoples to maintain/preserve their territory. It would help to safe the lives of indigenous that live voluntary apart. It would help to avoid illegal logging. It would help to defend the rights of the indigenous peoples.” – Social South member
  • “We need some certainty that this motion can bring." – Environmental North member
  • “It represents the spirit of FSC, which is to save the forests." - Economic South member


  • “FSC is a forest management system (...) and conservation means no commercial management." – Environmental North member