Motions Committee:

To ensure a balanced representation the members of the Motions Committee shall include one FSC member from each chamber and at least one from the North and one from the South.

In addition, 1 FSC Staff member will be made available as the Technical Secretary of the Motions Committee.

It is important that the Members of the Motions Committee can work in both English and Spanish, and that at least one is an English native speaker and one is a Spanish native speaker, in order to make sure that the wording of the motions is correct in both languages.

The Motions Committee will:

  • Receive all motions, which are moved by one (1) and seconded by two (2) designated representatives of FSC member organizations or individual members. (Deadline for submission: 7 March 2014. Deadline for revised submission: 7 May 2014). 
  • Check that each proposed motion is submitted in either English or Spanish, and com-plies with the Protocol Section 2, Submission of Proposed Motions. When the motion is not provided to the Motions Committee in both official languages, the Committee will provide the official translation to the other language. When a proposed motion does not fully comply with Section 2 of the Protocol, the Motions Committee will return it to the mover, with appropriate suggestions. Deadline: 7 April 2014.
  • Approach movers and seconders of motions which relate to the same subject, and en-courage them to agree to a single motion or a common set of motions. Deadline 7 April 2014.
  • Request the Secretariat to prepare an estimate of the legal, financial and organizational implications of implementing the motion.
  • Submit its final report to the Board of Directors. The report shall include the complete text, in both Spanish and English, of each proposed motion and any supporting information, as well as the name and affiliation of each proposer and seconder. Deadline: 7 June 2014.
  • Appoint a designated representative of the Motions Committee who shall present their report to the General Assembly. 

The Motions Committee will reject a motion if it would require FSC to violate legal requirements. At its own discretion, the Motions Committee may reject or accept motions submitted late, and may reject motions for non-compliance with this protocol. Late motions may also be proposed during the General Assembly (Protocol, Section 6.3.), however they will only be considered if there is time after all Motions adhering to this protocol have been discussed. 

Secretariat and Board of Directors

The Secretariat and Board of Directors will:

  • Send the complete report to all members of the FSC. Deadline 15 July 2014.
  • Give a final report, of the motions to be presented to the General Assembly, to participants. Deadline: at registration in September 2014. 

The composition and mandate of the Motions Committee will be circulated to all FSC Members. Similarly, any comments that the FSC Board of Directors decides to insert about any
of the motions, will also be circulated to all FSC Members.