Motions Procedure 

FSC members can participate in its main democratic forum by sending motions to the 2014 General Assembly. 

The board of directors, at their meeting last November, set up a ‘motions committee’, whose terms of reference are:

i. Each motion must contain the name and affiliation of the proposer and two seconders. Only individuals or representatives of a member institution (with no outstanding membership fees) can propose or second a motion.

ii. Each proposed motion must be clearly identified as an amendment to FSC statutes, principles and criteria, or policy.

iii. Motions to amend the statutes or principles and criteria are called ‘statutory motions’.

iv. Motions must clearly identify the specific title, section and paragraph to be amended. The proposed amendment shall first set forth the current language from the applicable document, then the proposed new language.

v. Motions to change FSC policies or operational procedures are called ‘policy motions’. They reflect the right of members to submit initiatives related to the organization’s work and mission.

vi. In order to aid the General Assembly when considering a motion, the person making the motion should attach a brief paragraph explaining its purpose and supplying additional information as necessary.

vii. The proposer should include an estimate of the costs of implementing the motion. The motions committee will ask the secretariat to assess the legal and financial implications. This assessment may be presented to the General Assembly and all FSC members before making their decision on it.

The board may express its collective position on, and individual board members may speak to, any motion.