New Generation Plantations (NGP) at Portucel’s FSC certified plantations

Organized by: Portucel Soporcel Group (gPS) & WWF International
Dates: 13 & 14 September
Duration: 1,5 Days

 © Portucel Soporcel Group (gPS)

Being a leading company in the pulp and paper industry at an international level, and fully committed to responsible practices along the whole value chain of its business,  gPS has its forest areas and products certified according to FSC, and participates at the NGP platform. 

The NGP platform is a place to learn about better plantation management through real world experiences, and influence others to follow good examples. NGP brings together leading plantation companies and some government agencies that manage and regulate plantations.(

WWF International sets up and manages the platform since in 2007. WWF seeks to build consensus, between private and public key stakeholders, that plantations don't replace natural ecosystems and contribute positively to the welfare of local communities. 

On the other hand, gPS is a founder Participant of NGP, seeking continuous improvement of their operations, exchanging experiences at NGP activities and sharing information about their current plantation practices which, simultaneously, fall in line with FSC Principles and Criteria and the New Generation Plantations concept. 

The purpose of the field-trip is to show the way responsible forest management of plantations is put forward in the southern region of Portugal, conciliating production objectives with ecosystem integrity, high conservation value forests, stakeholder engagement and economic development.

These pillars of the NGP concept help build an approach that falls under the requirements of FSC for plantations. Because of that, participation in the NGP platform provides a common discussion forum around FSC certification and disseminates ideas and solutions to others in a 'learning by sharing' process. 

In a time when the theme of plantations is on the agenda, during the field-trip both gPS and WWF representatives will have the opportunity to talk and interact with FSC members and discuss on the subjects that underlie the concept of NGP and of certification challenges, having some of the company’s certified management units as a scenario.

The field-trip comprises of one and a half day visits along a linear transect between Seville and Lisbon

- travel from Seville to Aljustrel (c.a. 2:30 h - 3:00h)
- welcome coffee and visit in a multifunctional management unit in a Natura 2000 context, including bird watching, Mediterranean Quercus habitats (“montados”) coexisting with eucalyptus plantations;
- lunch;
- travel from Aljustrel to Odemira region (c.a. 1:30h)
- visit to management units in the context of Natura 2000 and National Network of Protected Areas: eucalyptus plantations, Natura 2000 habitats, restoration project - integration of plantations management with protected areas management plan;
- Travel to the hotel for dinner and night stay
- Informal dinner (courtesy of WWF) 

- Departure from Zmar (Odemira region) and travel to Setúbal (c.a. 2 h)
- Welcome presentation and “Think & Talk – a wrap up moment”
- Visit to the new paper mill (ATF) facilities
- Lunch in Setúbal region (courtesy of gPS)
- Departure; there will be 2 travel options: to Lisbon airport (< 1 hour trip) or to Seville (c.a. 5 hours trip)

Number of participants: 10 - 50

Degree of difficulty: Low-medium difficulty (between flat and smooth slopes can be found in the areas to be visited)

Cost: 90 EUR per person + Accommodation

• The price includes transportation (Seville – Aljustrel – Odemira – Setubal – Seville).
• Accommodation has been arranged at Zmar, a local Eco Resort in the beautiful coastal region of Alentejo. Rates will vary depending on the type of room and availability.
• Please note that meals and refreshments will be provided by FSC, Portucel and WWF.

Payment will be made on site before the field trip at the GA registration desk from 5 to 10 September. 

Deadline for registration and accommodation confirmation is 31st of August, 18:00 CET.