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29. July 2014
Register now for the FSC GA 2014 and save!

The FSC General Assembly (GA) 2014 is only a couple of months away, and if you register before this Thursday, 31 July 2014, you qualify for regular registration – a saving of 250 Euros! find out more …

FSC GA 2014

25. June 2014
FSC General Assembly Quorum: Have you chosen your proxy?

While we encourage all FSC Members to attend the 2014 General Assembly (GA) in person, we know this is not always possible. If you cannot attend, it is vital that you appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf so that we reach a quorum and all votes at the GA … find out more …

The Alcazar, Europe’s oldest royal palace. (© Jesse Cruz)

19. June 2014
Spotlight on Seville: The Alcazar, Europe’s oldest royal palace

Escape the heat for a moment and join us at the FSC 20 year anniversary cocktail reception behind the palace walls – you’ll find not only shade, but also lavishly decorated rooms, beautiful courtyards built around pools and a grandiose garden with … find out more …

Smallholders in Indonesia.

19. June 2014
FSC General Assembly 2014 side event: How can smallholders access the global market?

The team of the FSC Smallholder Supporter Program will host an event at the FSC General Assembly (GA) entitled ‘From the forest to the markets – Challenges and opportunities for smallholders under FSC … find out more …

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09. June 2014
Side meetings agenda now available

Start sifting through the agenda for three days of side meetings and planning your schedule now! find out more …

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09. June 2014
Meet the panellists for the FSC+20 Forum!

We are excited to be able to announce some of the 20 panellists who will be participating in our landmark event – the FSC+20 Forum – at the FSC General Assembly (GA) 2014 in Seville in September. find out more …

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08. June 2014
Can you turn complex arguments into mind-blowing and engaging copy?

Apply now for our Youth Correspondent position at the FSC General Assembly in Seville, Spain in September. find out more …

25. May 2014
Deadline for subsidy requests: 31 May 2014

Financial support requests for members to attend the FSC GA 2014 find out more …

FSC+20 Forum

25. May 2014
A historic event: FSC+20 Forum – register now!

To commemorate our 20th anniversary, this September the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will be hosting a special event at the 7th FSC General Assembly (GA) in Seville, Spain. We encourage all FSC members and GA participants to take part in the FSC+20 … find out more …

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25. May 2014
Preliminary program for 8–10 September available

The preliminary program for Monday to Wednesday is available on the GA website:  find out more …