Pat Groenhout

Managing Director, PF Olsen Australia

Pat Groenhout Pat Groenhout

Pat Groenhout is a forest industry executive with 22 years’ experience in the sustainable management of native and plantation forests throughout Australia, in both the public and private sectors. 

Prior to joining the PF Olsen Group to run the Australian company, Pat held senior operational and executive positions in commercial forestry organisations in New South Wales and Victoria. He has extensive networks throughout the Australian forest industries.
Pat’s specific areas of expertise include:

Pat’s specific areas of expertise include:
• timber resource, market and financial analysis
• forest management regulation, certification and quality systems
• forest management planning
• management of forestry projects in complex and conflicted stakeholder environments
• Australian forest policy.

Good money: Increasing the social and environmental returns from forest investments
Wednesday 10 September, 11:00 - 12:30

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