Pilar Cárcamo 

President, Association of Forest Engineers for Native Forests

Pilar Cárcamo Pilar Cárcamo

Pilar Cárcamo has been the president of the Agrupación de Ingenieros Forestales por el Bosque Nativo (AIFBN) since 2013. This young Forest Engineer has dedicated her professional life to working with rural and indigenous communities, primarily on matters like desertification, environmental education, and sustainable management of native forests. Since she knows first-hand the richness of the forests in the Valdivian ecoregion and the culture of its people, as president of the AIFBN she emphasizes that her biggest motivation for tackling environmental conflicts from a comprehensive perspective is the externalities that large-scale monocultures create on the local economy and on nature.

The AIFBN is a local, non-governmental Chilean organization, with more than 20 years of experience, which has become a technical-policy leader within the forestry sector. It brings together more than 300 members, primarily professionals in the environmental field, both in Chile and abroad. The AIFBN has been a member of FSC International since its beginnings in 1993, prominently participating in the administration of the social forum, promoting the sustainable management and conservation of native forests, and safeguarding the interests of civil society.

The AIFBN develops concrete proposals directed toward the sustainable use of resources originating from natural ecosystems, in particular from native forests. It continuously provides 

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