The cuisine of Seville is one of the richest in Spain.

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The inhabitants of Seville are not big restaurant-goers; nonetheless, the city offers excellent restaurants serving Andalusian, Spanish and international gastronomy.  Whether traditional tapas (snacks) or larger dishes, Sevillian food offers a myriad of options.

Please note that General Assembly registration fee includes lunch and coffee breaks for the duration; some social events also include food.


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Gastropass is a tourist and food guide to Seville made by locals. What a tourist most values when they arrive in a new destination is the advice of someone who lives in that city, they like to know what they have to visit, where to eat and, especially in Seville, world capital of tapas, what to order.

Gastropass provides a selection of places to eat, recommended by people of Seville who enjoy good food and are accustomed to receiving travelers who appreciate the same. Also, just by using it, you will be able to obtain direct gifts.

GA Participants will find a Gastropass Guide in the GA Registration Package.