Tourism in Seville 

Seville’s monuments are the richest in Andalusia, with nearly 300 declared as being of cultural interest.

Tourism in Seville© FSC AC Tourism in Seville

Main tourist attractions

Santa Cruz district
This is the former Jewish medieval neighborhood where you can visit the city’s most famous monuments and see the Arabic influence. Among the sights are:

  • The Seville Cathedral, the third largest in the world. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. The tower, known as the Giralda, is formed by the ancient minaret of the mosque that once stood in its place and now serves as a cathedral's bell tower.
  • Reales Alcázares, a blend of great architectural beauty, boasting a variety of construction styles, or the Casa de la Lonja – a Renaissance building dating back to the 16th century.

Tower of Gold
An octagonal tower built in the Islamic era, it acted as a watchtower for the protection of the Andalusian capital.

María Luisa Park
This spectacular park’s flowers spread color throughout the whole area from the Guadalquivir river to Seville’s historical center.

Plaza de España
An impressive and modern square situated in the María Luisa park, it is surrounded by an artificial lake and boasts two spectacular towers,

Triana Bridge
A fine example of 19th-century iron architecture, it leads you to the heart of the popular Triana neighborhood.

The Real Maestraenza Bullring
A bullring built in the 18th century and one of the most emblematic of Seville’s buildings.

La Casa Pilatos (the house of Pilatos)
A stunning Arabic palace built between the 15th and 16th centuries. The Plaza Alfalfa and Calle Betis are the best places in the city for entertainment.