Tropical forests in trouble

How can certification be a tool to maintain key tropical forest ecosystems?

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Tropical forests are under great pressure as deforestation continues unabated. It is not difficult to imagine continued forest degradation and destruction, driven by global demand for land for agriculture, livestock, palm oil and pulp plantations and mining, or by more local demand for fuelwood and by small-scale agriculture.

Legislation to secure responsible management of forests has, in most countries, been insufficient and/or poorly enforced.

Protection of tropical forests has been the goal of environmentalists for decades. Indigenous people and communities have fought to protect their land.

FSC works to promote responsible management of forests all over the world, but certification is still marginal in tropical forests, and markets for certified tropical timber remain weak. Much work remains to be done.

At the same time, NGOs and indigenous organizations work to tackle both environmental and social problems; many businesses have committed to ending deforestation.

But problems persist. We need a concerted, united effort to make certification a key tool in tackling the complex and myriad reasons for the destruction of tropical forests.

In this session, we will hear the views of government and the leaders of business, environmental and social organizations as they discuss this vital issue.

Tuesday 9 September, 11:00 - 12:30

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