Visit to Ence Group - fully booked

Organized by: FSC International & FSC Spain
Dates: 7 September
Duration: 13 hours

 © Ence Group

An FSC certified private enterprise in the paper industry sector with its own private forest holdings, managed by the company.

In Spain, Ence manages some 80,000 ha, of which 60% are its own property. The Group’s cellulose and energy production consumes about 3.7 million m3 of wood per year, a figure that represents about 20% of wood produced for cellulose in Spain. The forest properties managed by Ence are distributed between the Cantabrian region and the Iberian southwest.

The Ence Group has certified about 36,000 ha of its forest properties in Spain, with a plan to progressively incorporate the whole area in the next few years. In addition, the whole production process falls within the scope of various Chain of Custody certificates.

Of the total area managed by Ence, about 38% corresponds to natural ecosystems, re-presenting about 3% of all High Conservation Value forests.


- 8:00 a.m. Departure from Seville
- 9:00 Arrival at Aracena, and departure to "Los Barrancos"
- 11:15 Departure from “Los Barrancos” to Monte Pallares
- 13:30 Lunch in Beas and departure for “La Vaqueriza” forest
- 16:00 Arrival at “La Vaqueriza” forest
- 18:30 Departure from “La Vaqueriza” to Seville
- 20:00 Arrival in Seville

Number of participants: 50-60

Degree of difficulty: Low-medium difficulty

Cost: 60 EUR per person

The price includes transportation, lunch and refreshments.

Payment will be made on site before the field trip at the GA registration desk from 5 to 10 September. 

Deadline for registration is 31st of August, 18:00 CET.